Our Products

HAIBAR provides global customers with various types of standard, non-standard and customized equipment. These high-performance and eco-friendly equipment designed to meet various customers' requirements in a wide variety of industrial applications.

This equipment consists of a screw screen, a sedimentation tank, a sand extracting screw and an optional grease scraper. It is designed for a wide range of wastewater flow rates with different sedimentation capacities. It can be easily on-site assembled by using standard tools to reduce intermediate storage cost.Currently HAIBAR is the sole manufacturer in China for this product. We can provide a wide variety of screening equipment.

Our quality control inspector is running through a trial run of the empty-load machine before shipment. All critical parts of our equipment must be thoroughly tested. This ensures the products are manufactured in compliance with all related industrial standards. Additionally, HAIBAR offers a comprehensive range of high-quality technical services including after-sales installation, trial run and technical guidance. This ensures the products are in best operating condition at customers’ sites.

The range of our air flotation system caters to the needs of customers with a wide range of requirements. It includes but not limited to Dissolved Air Flotation, Thickening Flotation and High Load Sedimentation Machine, etc.

This product is capable of dewatering low-concentrated sludge from a biological process.It has built-in thickening zone which eliminates the need for a thickener, sludge storage or separate dosing facilities. It is compact and economical due to all-in-one construction requiring no frequent operation attendance, lowering labor cost and it needs low power and rinsing water consumption.

This product separates suspension liquid for two or three (multiple) phase materials in different specific weights by centrifugal settling principle, especially clarifies liquids containing suspended solid.

The plate-and-frame filter press would be an ideal choice for customers who have specific requirements specially when the sludge cake shall be around 60%.

Our company has the vision to create a greener planet Earth and to provide for planet Earth's residents clean water so that they can enjoy a good standard of living and healthy life! Partner with our company and you'll see that we have a greener planet Earth in mind!