Manufacturing equipment

Haibar’s manufacturing plant spans an area of 6,042 square meters and is located in the Anqing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province, China. The manufacturing plant is outfitted with top notch manufacturing equipment and is staffed by a trusted research and development team, whose members all enjoy industry relevant experience and professional knowledge. Therefore, environmental protection equipment is designed and developed independently and expertly.

Haibar provides one-stop shop service, including raw material testing and treatment, structural treatment of metal plates according to design drawings, milling, grinding and other precision machining processes of components, precision welding and accuracy adjustment of the equipment frames, as well as the assembly and commissioning of finished products.

Haibar continues to improve and expand our manufacturing prowess and recently, we added large CNC plasma cutters, CNC hydraulic rolling machine, CNC profile forming machine, large CNC welding machine and many other highly advanced automatic manufacturing equipment pieces at our Anqing manufacturing base.

This is the feeding system for our 80m3 dry mortar production line, whose design and manufacturing are completed totally in-house by Haibar, for our Brazil customers. The manufacturing of the feeding system is performed utilizing a CNC hydraulic rolling machine and CNC submerged arc welder, which provides better product quality.

We have developed a rigorous qc system for all the manufacturing procedures, including design, purchasing, processing, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, packaging, transportation, delivery, and installment. Haibar enjoys a highly efficient supply chain, which delivers our materials as scheduled with high quality. In addition, in order to provide our customers all over the world with excellent products, Haibar carries out a strict delivery standards and procedures, which are in strict accordance with both the China’s and international safety requirements of long-distance transportation.