About Us

Shanghai Haibar Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as Haibar, is focused on the production of environmental protection equipment.Today, Haibar produces a comprehensive array of products, including, but not limited to, the gravity belt filter press, sludge thickener, volute dewatering press, decanter centrifuge, plate-and –frame filter press, integrated sludge dewatering system, sand separation pretreatment equipment, air flotation system and sludge aerator etc.

Haibar has been granted many utility patents and design patents for our achievements in creating innovative and effective products. These great products have been approved by many authorities and organizations, such as ISO9001 quality management system, CE certification and SPAN from Malaysia.

In addition, Haibar has developed a wide distribution network, spanning from China and to the overseas markets.
Since our establishment in 2005, Haibar has been evolving and advancing the entire time. During this period Haibar has gained knowledgeable and dedicated staff, all of whom have been focused upon sewage treatment equipment’s design, development, and manufacturing for more than twenty years. In this way, environmental protection equipment with high technical content, and excellent quality is produced.